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As we enter the 21st century, the study of religion raises challenging questions. In such a religiously diverse society as Canada, where do we draw the boundary separating church from state? Is the number of Canadians who belong to a religion increasing, decreasing, or is the very idea of what it means to be religious itself in flux? For that matter, what is religion? A tool for social control, a perfect divine gift, an expression of one's cultural tradition? And what about human rights - do they include the right to wear religious symbols or to pray in public?

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The CSRS is a community of academics dedicated to the scholarly study of religion in relation to all aspects of human society, from law and politics to family and culture to history, the sciences and the arts. We have no affiliation with any religion and no religious agenda. We are equally interested in Eastern, Western, ancient and contemporary religions. Meet our fellows-in-residence and associate fellows!

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We're certainly not alone in our curiosity about religion. We invite you to tour this site to learn more about the amazing community of scholars, researchers, donors, funders, and community members who share our interest, and who make the CSRS such an exciting place to be.


The Victoria Leadership Awards honour the distinguished accomplishments of everyday heroes, recognized for their community leadership, service and achievement. At the Crystal Garden, over 400 guests celebrated 21 extraordinary nominees in eight award categories at the special 10th anniversary gala of the Victoria Leadership Awards.

The 2014 recipients include:

  • University of Victoria Community Leadership Awards acknowledge outstanding leadership in linking UVic and the community for greater public benefit. Dr. Hélène Cazes, a specialist of humanism, teaches at the University of Victoria. She is an associate professor at the Department of French, the Faculty coordinator of the Humanities Diploma Program (offered with Continuing Studies as an alternative curriculum) and the director of the Program of Medieval Studies. Her research asks such questions as “What is a legacy? How do legacies make communities?” An active member and a founder of inclusive research groups (Early Childhood, History of Medicine, Book Collections), she also works with the library building free programs, exhibitions, and open access publications. Hélène is also a former CSRS Faculty Fellow. Congratulations Hélène!

Established in 2004 and celebrating a special 10th anniversary this year, the annual VLAs honour accomplished community heroes who inspire and mentor others to become involved in improving the quality of life in Greater Victoria. Led by Leadership Victoria, the event is a collaboration with the University of Victoria, the Rotary Clubs of Greater Victoria, the Victoria Foundation, and the United Way of Greater Victoria — five partners in recognizing and promoting leadership.

Leadership Victoria is a community-based, voluntary organization committed to developing, supporting, recognizing and honouring outstanding community leaders. Since its formation in 2000, it has become the go to organization for community leadership in Greater Victoria, graduating over 250 leaders who work collaboratively to resolve the complex challenges facing our city.

More information about the awards is online at: www.leadershipvictoria.ca. Videos from the ceremony will be posted on their YouTube channel over the coming days.


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